Styleguide 0.28.5

15 - Loader

<div class="loader"></div>

15.1 - Pause

Pause the loader by adding the class pause.

<span class="loader pause"></span>

15.1.1 - Toggle

Requires javascript

Toggle play/pause. See documentation for db.libs.loader.

<span id="loader-pause-test" class="loader"></span>
<button class="button tiny" onclick="$('#loader-pause-test').loader('toggle');">Toggle</button>

15.2 - Size

The size of the loader is adjusted by font-size.

<h1><span class="loader"></span></h1>
<h2><span class="loader"></span></h2>
<h3><span class="loader"></span></h3>

15.3 - Modal

Requires javascript

A loader that covers the page and sits above the main content. See documentation for db.libs.loader.

<button onClick="db.libs.loader.createModal({ 'text': 'Laster…' })">Demo</button>